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Stephane Cholet

“Present Moment(s)”
From August 9 to 17, 2019

I walk, I run and often stop in amazement, stunned by an image inscribed in time which passes in front of me and which I try to catch up with in a fraction of a second. I find the right frame, the one that will allow this light coming from so far to pass through and that gives life to everything, but also the moment of the gesture or the pose that will no longer exist just after the click. I catch the moment which will disappear inexorably absorbed by the past and which will no longer be for those who have seen it, but a fragment of memory, a fuzzy, indistinct sensation buried in the depths of memory.


There is what I thought I saw and what you see. There is what my camera has captured and what my heart has perceived. There is what my soul leaves in the picture and what you do with yours.


The image exists in each of us and only by magic.

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