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  For the love of art, of its expression, Karine Meyer has taken the step of creating her gallery. Artist, self-taught, his career has always been motivated by the desire and the desire to share his map of the inner world. His experience in the cinema will sharpen his view of the image, as well as his multiple collaborations with great filmmakers.


In March 2014, she painted her first large formats. A dizzying synchronicity ensues. A few months later, it will be exhibited in an art gallery in Paris, and selected at the Salon d'Automne in October 2014.


In Winter 2018, she created her space.


In 2019, it is only natural that she invites people from the cinema to exhibit in her gallery, as part of the off-roads of photography, with a single common thread, identity.


The gallery is intended as a kind of laboratory, creating alchemy between soul and matter.

With an identity free of any concept and convention.

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