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Gil Lesage

 "  Lonely Girls  »
From July 13 to 19, 2019

Everything inspires me!


I only observed what surrounded me: my daughters, my relatives, my friends, the people I met, those with whom I worked, the landscapes.
And then also, and even a lot, the Cinema!

Richard Dumas started photographing me very early and it is perhaps thanks to him that I in turn became interested in photography, I wanted to retain moments of my life. Watching my daughters grow, seeing our community grow, working in front of and behind the camera, experiencing it all.

The silver image was able to record these moments, so photographing became part of my daily life. I didn't really choose to make images, I saw them straight away.

My gaze has sharpened over time; and one can easily read the watermark in my own images, those of my inner cinema.


Niels Arestrup passage school theater


• Group of performers “Atomic Girls”

• Group “Ultra Orange” with Pierre Emery vocals and feedback guitar

• Creation of the “Gil Lesage” brand, limited series of customized clothing for sale at Maria Louisa and in Japan

• Realization with Pierre Emery of “Seven Lonely Girls” experimental film of 52″

• Production with Pierre Emery of “Rock'n Roll Paradise” series of videos for Canal Jimmy

• Collaborations with the photographer Richard Dumas  for various magazines and record covers styling and or Make-up Alain Bashung, Emmanuelle Seigner, Louis Bertignac, Renaud, Aurore Clément, Hélène Fillière, les innocents, Étienne Daho, Dominique A…

• Collaborations with the director  Claire Denis music video for Alain Bashung's Imprudence

• Collaborations with  the artist Dominique Gonzales Foerster for the film "Les grands Espaces"  (Alain Bashung)

• Costume designer / costume designer and/or make-up artist for various films directed by  Emmanuelle Bercot, Roman Polanski, Francesca Joseph,  Lodge Kerrigan, Gilles Marchand, Noémie Lovsvsky, Judith Godrèche, Virginie Despentes, Laetitia Masson, Sandrine Veysset, Alice Winocour

• Production of EPKs for Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle at Sony and Lou Lesage at Barclay

• Production in progress of a series of videos “l'enfant terrible” with Lou Lesage

• On-set photographer

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